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Thanks for the great product

Since using the products, I am more alert and full of energy than I have ever felt and I no longer depend on my caffeine fix in the morning. I am told by my coworkers and friends that I look different, more "refreshed", "youthful" and "lighter on my toes". I not only look better, but I FEEL better... ...*


Now that I’m a single working mother of an active six year old, I’m always on the go it seems, and I hardly have the time to prepare a meal. I would sometimes skip breakfast entirely. It was just not convenient for me to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle. My main problem was my monthly menstrual cycle where I would experience lower back pain, fatigue and headaches. I not only tire easily, but was lacking focus in my daily routine at work and at home.

Last January, I was introduced to a company called Alsuna Health by a good friend of mine that literally changed my life. Although I had not even tasted the shakes and energy drinks I became very interested because I wanted to improve my general health and nutrition. What caught my attention, was the fact that these products are based on enzymes for better digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

Michele Lowe
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July 2020
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