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It happens every spring. You fling open the windows, shed your winter coat, and suddenly get the urge to clean your house. But do you ever think about “spring cleaning” the toxins from your body?

Detoxifying in spring is an important part of the Caribbean culture and I am sure for many other cultures. Each island has a different name (washout, cleanout and of course the “proper ones” called it “puurge”) – Once you see Ash Wednesday and Easter is over “look out”.   I really have a lot of respect for my grandparents,parents and the elders in the village where I grew up.

Enamel cup! It's that time.

Enamel cup! It’s that time.

Cleansing was a must

 How many of you remembered those “Enamel Cups” lined up on the kitchen counter on a Saturday morning after Easter? You never knew which Saturday it was going to be. Then the Saturday morning you thought you were going to get “Chocolate tea”- Bam! The stuff was finally here! As I looked up from my cup into my mother’s face, we made eye contact. It was her mouth and her words in control. Drink it! Drink it now! You hear me! You see, she knew, she had to keep an eye on me because this girl was about to run. Cleansing is not new, when I was a young girl we were ashamed to about it (Washout! Cleanout! Purge!) Now for me, more than 50 years later it is upgraded to detoxing.It’s the sheek thing. Chronic diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and stroke) are more rampant than ever and among younger and younger people. We need to get back to basicslearn more


 Why is spring the time to cleanse?

Spring is the Kappa season, because the wetand cool weather reflects the moist, cool, heavy qualities of Kappa Desha that predominate during  this time of the year (March-June).

Biologically, nature supports cleansing of the body in spring. In winter the digestive fire is high, and people eat more sweets and heavy food. Most of the time they aren’t able to assimilate these hard-to-digest foods, so catarrh (the sticky, toxic product of indigestion) starts accumulating In the Caribbean the elders would always say-“you have to clean the catarrh out your body”. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen,  were they correct!

What is Catarrh

Catarrh is a disorder of inflammation of the mucus membranes in one of the airways or cavities of the body. It can result in thick exudates of mucus and white blood cells caused by the swelling of the mucus membranes in the head in response to an infection. The phlegm produced by catarrh may either discharge or cause a blockage which may become chronic.


                                                                      What is a Toxin

A poisonous substance, especially one produced by a living organism. Toxins can be products or byproducts of ordinary metabolism, such as lactic acid, and they must be broken down or excreted before building up to dangerous levels.

Helping Your Body Detoxify

How do you help the body with its own spring cleaning? While most deter herbal products purify the colon and the digestive tract, it is helpful to choose products that will do more- such as cleansing the liver, blood and the organs of elimination. Focusing on cellular nutrition will help prevent buildup of toxins in the fat and muscle tissues. My focus is based on the principle of acidity and alkalinity and that weight is an acid problem. Our bodies will use fat to trap acid as a protective mechanism.

Start your day with warm water and lemon.learn more. Enjoy all the fruits in season. Fruits in season will be plentiful and cost less, and taste good too!

Possible Symptoms of Excess Toxins in the Body

Tired and fatigue, irritable, more frequent colds and flu, itchy eyes with the increase of pollen (spring time) Skin looks dull, you break out more frequently. You were fine Fall and Winter and suddenly all this, right!  Nature is already trying to clear out the toxins. It’s the time to help the body to efficiently detoxify through the organs of elimination.


Note – Information in this article is given solely for the purpose of providing education about wellness. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult a physician.

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