Basic Wellness Program – 90 day Challenge.


1.Hydrate: The human body is 70% water and requires a minimum of 2 liters (8-8 oz glasses) of water per day. The best water is: Clean, Alkaline, Super-hydrating and has a high concentration of Anti-oxidant electrons.  learn more


2. Stop Inflammation Now: it’s the next step to improving your health! 

Acute inflammation: The initial response to a pathogen or an injury is acutely inflammatory. In other words, it is brief, lasting several days or less. All sorts of things can cause an acute inflammatory response. Here are a few: Trauma, Infection by virus or bacteria, cuts etcThe four primary symptoms of acute inflammation – increased blood flow, swelling, pain and loss of function are important and necessary for proper healing.

 Chronic Inflammation: When inflammation becomes chronic and systemic, when it ceases to be an acute response, when it becomes a constant low-level feature of your physiology that is always on and always engaged, the big problems arise.  Curcumin reduces two inflammation-promoting enzymes in your body and is therefore an effective anti-inflammatory agent. learn more

3.Nourish & Support : vitamins and minerals are essential to support healthy body functions and to guard against the ravages of aging. Our clients rave about our products,which are packed with nutrients from all kinds of seeds and greens for optimal health. learn more




                                             Be Healthy

Suggested Daily Routine

1. Upon rising each morning  take 1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil along with an 8 oz. cup of warm water mixed with the juice of ¼ to½ fresh squeezed Lemon or 1 teaspoon Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (optional – lightly sweetened with natural sweetener of your choice (Natural Maple Syrup, Agave Nectar, Stevia etc.) No artificial sweeteners.

2. Note: The olive oil is taken separately and is immediately followed by the warm water and lemon juice mixture

3. For more information on this Protocol, please go to our FAQs button on the Tool Bar.


If you are not using Kangen Water (alkaline ionized water) you may use purified water. (a minimum of 2 liters is required daily). Distilled water is recommended for cleansing only because distilled water does not contain the minerals which are essential for your body. The use of distilled water should not exceed two (2) weeks. To learn more about which water is right for you. click here

If now is the time for you to embark on a Healthier Lifestyle, welcome aboard.  As your Wellness Coach, I am looking forward to working with you.

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A thought for the day: Which would you rather be? – A FORD – (Fix or Repair Daily with only Liability Insurance) or A Rolls Royce – (with Comprehensive Insurance for high performance).

Remember it is cheaper to stay healthy than to get better.”


 Hydration – goal is to drink a minimum of 1-2 liters (32-64 oz)  of alkaline ionized water daily. (The amount of water you need daily is half your body weight in ounces) – Not for anyone on fluid restrictions.                               Note: Rome was not built in a day.   learn more

         Try starting your day with the warm water and lemon protocol.

Eat according to your “blood type”  –  A , B , AB or O – Don’t know your blood type? Not a problem !

Reduce  Chronic Inflammation . learn more

Nourish and Support : Vitamins and minerals are essential to support healthy body functions        and to guard against the ravages of aging. Too busy to have a balanced diet? Unable to buy organic fruits and vegetables? Try our nutritional products. learn more 


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Follow steps  1-3 . Hydrate,  Reduce Inflammation,  Nourish and Support.

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“Remember, it’s cheaper to stay healthy than to get better”